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The goal of this piece was to portray an atmospheric interior shot Inspired by games like Dead Space, Alien: Isolation, and The Callisto Protocol. I wanted to include heavy duty interior pieces such as thick pillars, detailed flooring, pipes, panelled walls, and the main focal point: a large, sealed door barring the way.

Lighting was important in the scene and would serve a few purposes: highlighting the door focal point and the main character's path towards it; dividing the composition into light and dark atmospheric sections; casting patterns upon the floor and walls; picking out finer details; and colour contrast.

With a partial idea in mind it was time to block out a sketch in 3D. Using basic shapes and lighting I designed the composition, then it was a matter of balancing the scale until I had a good foundation to work with. During this time I was constantly thinking ahead and immersing myself in the narrative of the scene. This encouraged more ideas, which would help when it came to designing and modelling the various assets in the environment.

The next stage was to model each piece of the hallway. I was aiming for an industrial design style featuring chunky metal full of details to catch light and cast shadows. Working in 3D, the design & modelling of each asset followed the same format: begin with large shapes, add in some smaller elements, then refine and detail. Layers of detailing helps to add depth and creates better shadows and highlights in the final image.

The door was inspired by Sparth's concept art for Halo. I liked the heavy duty central locking mechanism and proportions he used for his design so I used that as a starting point. From there I put my own twist on the design, then modelled my own version of a frame.

Once all assets had been modelled I placed them in the shot and re-evaluated it. Afterwards, I added in pipes and cables for extra detailing, as well as extra lighting to push the depth in internal areas.

I used procedural textures to quickly establish a colour scheme, as I planned to add some texturing during the post-edit stage. My original colour scheme was mostly blues and greys, with white and orange lighting, but later on I decided to shift it towards green.

For the figure, I used a rigged astronaut model that I'd bought from Blender Market. I posed him to be mid-stride, heading towards the access door.

After rendering the scene I took the image into Clip Studio for post edits. Using a mixture of digital painting and photo textures I added in some smoke, dust and light rays, then tweaked the lighting and boosted the contrast. I also added a motion blur to the edges, a partial vignette, and final colour grading. Finally I took it into DaVinci Resolve for some Chromatic Aberration and Film Grain effects to give it a cinematic look.

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